Experience Sustainability with State-of-the-art Plastic Films

Embracing Sustainability in Film Production: Unleashing Opportunities

Focusing on sustainability in film supply enhances product quality, boosts your reputation among eco-conscious stakeholders, and actively contributes to solving environmental challenges. Selecting a sustainable supplier is not only beneficial for ensuring business continuity and increasing customer satisfaction but also pivotal in making a positive impact on the environment.

Our Sustainable Promise to Your Business

Exemplary Quality and Sustainability

Dallas Plastics ensures premium film production using only the highest quality materials, promising sustainability without sacrificing quality.

Scalable Solutions for Growing Needs

We offer adaptable solutions to keep pace with your business dynamics, catering to both small-scale specialty packaging and large-scale industrial film needs.

Specialists Across Industries

Serving all industries, we consistently provide high-quality films for fields ranging from medical to industrial manufacturing to food and beverage.

Innovation for a Greener Future: Our Range of Sustainable Products

ENSO Additive

ENSO is a biodegradable additive from renewable resources that enhances product sustainability without sacrificing quality, and enables standard recycling.

Ecovio Resin

A fully certified compostable material that can be broken down by natural microorganisms, this solution takes sustainable to a new level.

Regrind Content – Post Industrial

Technical-grade films that incorporate internally reclaimed manufacturing waste.

Recycled Content – Post Consumer

Consumer materials revived and incorporated into high-quality packaging films.

Navigating Your Journey Towards Sustainability

Choosing Dallas Plastics ensures quality, fit, and sustainability in all your film needs.

Our Process


Understand the specific needs of your business and industry.


Find the perfect sustainable film solution for your needs.


Get high-quality, sustainable plastic films tailored to your requirements.

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