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Elevate Your Success

With Dallas Plastics, you can expect products that elevate both the function and marketability of your products.

Versatile Product Range

Access a wide spectrum of packaging options from single-layer films to advanced multi-layer solutions, all tailored to suit diverse industry applications.

Enhanced Product Protection

Benefit from high-quality materials designed for durability and superior performance, safeguarding your products under all conditions.

Eco-Friendly Choices

Support your sustainability goals with our biodegradable and recyclable options, helping you meet both regulatory standards and consumer expectations.

Dedicated Support

Leverage our expertise at every stage—from selection through implementation—to maximize efficiency and achieve optimal packaging outcomes.

Our Products

Designed to Optimize Your Operations

Bags On Rolls

Efficient and versatile, our bags on rolls are perfect for streamlined packaging operations, offering easy dispensing and consistent quality to enhance productivity and reduce waste.

Box Liners & Covers

Enhance the safety and integrity of your products with our high-quality box liners and covers, designed to offer exceptional protection against moisture, dust, and contaminants during storage and shipping.

Custom Wind Configurations

Optimize your operations with our Custom Wind Configuration that offers tailored film winding to meet specific roll sizes and packing requirements, enhancing efficiency and reducing waste.

Drum Liners

Ensure the safety and integrity of your materials with our Drum Liners, designed to resist punctures and leaks, providing reliable containment and protection for industrial applications.

Medical Waste Bags

Designed with robust materials to prevent ruptures and leaks, our Medical Waste Bags ensure safe and hygienic disposal of medical waste, protecting both staff and patients from potential contamination.

Polyethylene Bags & Film on Cores or Coreless Rolls

Experience increased efficiency and reduced waste with our rolls, designed to deliver seamless dispensing and storage solutions while maintaining robust protection for your products.

Polyethylene Sheeting

Experience unmatched durability and versatility with our Polyethylene Sheeting, ideal for a wide range of protective and covering applications, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.

Shrink Films

Our shrink films provide secure, tamper-evident packaging that conforms tightly to products, enhancing protection and presentation.

Sleeves and Tubing

Our sleeves and tubing are engineered for high durability and flexibility, perfect for protecting products in a variety of industrial, medical, and food applications, ensuring secure handling and transit.

Ten-Color Printing Bags

Boost your brand visibility with our Ten-Color Printing Bags. These strikingly vibrant bags offer superior print quality, ensuring your products stand out on the shelves and capture consumer interest with their eye-catching designs.

Trash Liners

Our trash liners are designed for high performance and reliability, featuring superior tear resistance and optimal load capacity to handle all types of waste efficiently while preventing leaks and spills.

Our Product Excellence

Decades of Pioneering High-Quality Flexible Packaging Products

At Dallas Plastics, we recognize the critical role that effective, reliable, and compliant packaging plays in your business’s success. 

Our custom blown films not only match, but often exceed industry standards, giving you the confidence that your products are secure, from the production line to the consumer. 

With our help, you can avoid the pitfalls of poor packaging and enjoy smooth operations, delighted customers, and a strong market presence.

Boost Your Product Integrity and Marketability

See how our range of high-quality blown films and packaging products can enhance your operations. Schedule a free consultation to learn more.