Poly Bags on Rolls

Poly bags on rolls are perforated, easily dispensable plastic bags wound onto cores, widely used for packaging applications across food, industrial, medical, and retail sectors.

poly bags on rolls

Custom Poly Bags on Rolls: Versatile and Convenient Packaging Solutions

Poly bags on rolls are perfect versatile and convenient packaging solution for food, industrial, medical, and retail applications. Designed with perforations for easy tear-off, they are wound onto 3” ID cores and poly-wrapped for protection.

We offer custom sizes, colors, and materials to meet your specific needs. Certified for USDA and FDA food contact, our bags guarantee safety and quality. Options for printing, coloration, and additives ensure tailored solutions.

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Premium Bags On Rolls

Perforations for Easy Tear-Off

Designed for easy dispensing, these bags feature perforations that allow for simple, clean tear-off from the roll, making them convenient to use in quick and high-volume packaging settings.

Wound onto Cores

Poly bags are wound onto 3” ID cores, facilitating effortless handling, storage, and dispensing. The core design ensures bags are organized and ready for immediate use.

Customizable Options

Available in various sizes, colors, materials, and thicknesses, these bags can be customized to meet specific needs, including special features like FDA and USDA food contact certification, printing, and additional additives for enhanced functionality.

Polyethylene Bags On Rolls

Capabilities & Customizations

Types/ Applications:

Our Process

Personalized Consultation with Our Specialists

Start by connecting with our knowledgeable team to explore and define your distinct requirements for poly bags on rolls. We'll delve into your specific needs to ensure the solution we provide is perfectly aligned with your business goals and provide a timely quote.

Collaborative Customization with Our Expert Team

Partner with our experienced professionals to craft a bespoke poly bag solution. We'll guide you through material selection, design considerations, and any customization options, ensuring the poly bags on rolls we deliver are optimized for your unique application.

Seamless Integration of High-Quality Poly Bags

Once your tailored poly bags on rolls are ready, we'll assist you in effortlessly incorporating them into your operational workflow. Our premium-quality bags are designed for durability and efficiency, enhancing your packaging process and ensuring your products are well-protected.

Poly Bags On Rolls FAQs

Poly bags on rolls are incredibly versatile and used across a wide range of industries for various purposes. Here are some common applications:

  • Packaging and Shipping– Protecting and containing products during transit, wrapping goods, cushioning items

  • Food Storage & Handling– Preserving freshness of produce, meat, and bakery goods; portion packaging

  • Industrial and Commercial– Wrapping pallets, containing bulk materials, covering machinery and equipment

  • Medical and Pharmaceutical – Storage of medical supplies and instruments, packaging medications

  • Agriculture and Horticulture – Protecting plants, storing seeds, covering soil, silage bags

  • Retail & Grocery – Grocery bags, produce bags, product packaging

Poly bags on rolls can be custom-manufactured in sizes ranging from 3” x 5” to 120” x 240” and thicknesses from .75 mil to 6 mil (.00075 – .006).

Our poly bags are certified by the USDA and FDA for food contact. We also offer SQF-certified bags, IMS-certified bags, and other certifications upon request.

Poly bags are made through a process that begins with blown-film extrusion, where plastic pellets, or resin, are melted and extruded through a circular die to form a continuous plastic tube. This tube is inflated, stretched, cooled, and wound onto a roll. The plastic rolls are then fed into machines that draw the material to the required length, seal, and cut it into individual bags. This cycle is repeated to produce the specified number of poly bags for each order.

Yes, we can provide samples of custom polyethylene bags for your evaluation before you place a bulk order.

Each roll is poly-wrapped to ensure protection from dust, moisture, and other environmental factors during transit and storage.

Most poly bags made from polyethylene are recyclable. However, it’s essential to check local recycling guidelines as not all recycling centers accept plastic bags.

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