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Specialty Films

Form & Film

Monolayer films for vertical or horizontal form & packaging machines. Primarily used in the food and retail markets.

Narrow Tubing

Seamless tubing from 1 - 12 inches wide. Available in most materials and in gauges from .00075 to .010. Used in general packaging but excels where pinhole free and/or a vacuum is required.

Narrow Sheeting

SWS from 3+ inches. Narrow width films available in most materials and in gauges from .0015 to .010. Used for header stock, pocket film for envelopes and general high speed parts packaging.

Narrow Shrink

BUR's from 1.3:1 up to 4:1, liner clarity to shrink bundling. Used when small diameter components need to be bound or tightly wrapped.

Draw Tape

High tensile films available in widths down to 1 inch. Typically used as draw-string in trash and merchandise bags.

Anti-Static Films

Films for dust control. Can be clear or tinted. Used primarily in medical or electronics industries.

Non-Scratch Films

High clarity films that are abrasion free. Used when packaging sensitive components that cannot tolerate any minor surface scratching. 

High EVA Tubing

Layflat tubing made from up to 22% EVA. Used in applications where very high elastomeric properties are required. 

Narrow Web BOR

Bags on a roll from 4 - 15 inches of width. Gauges from 0.001 - 0.006. Used for general-purpose packaging or when pre-made bags with bottom seals and seamless edges are required. 

Sleeve Films

Elastic SWS films specifically designed for the rigor of high-integrity lap seals.