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We Specialize In Plastics For Our Converter Films

Converter films are a combination of raw materials such as polyesters, adhesives, silicone adhesive tapes, foams, and plastics. 

There are 3 different types of converter films that we provide for our customers.

Converter Films

Dallas Plastics 500x500-5


High clarity and low density films that are used as unsupported webs for printing and bag making.
Typical end-uses would be bakery bags, tortilla bags, minnow bags, parts bags, plastic and paper over-wraps.

Dallas Plastics 500x500-8

Heavy Duty

High strength materials such as Super Hexene, Octene and Metallocene LLDPE's, enabling maximum strength and sealing performance at reduced gauges.
Typical end-uses would be industrial parts bags, feed bags, ice bags, insulation bags, fertilizer bags, etc.

Dallas Plastics 500x500-7


Designed with the intent of being printed and laminated together or used as a seal layer.
While they are present in the medical, agricultural, and industrial markets, they are also used for food packaging where high-speed and improved barrier packaging properties are required.

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