Premium Flexible Packaging Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

With 35 years experience, Dallas Plastics provides quality converter-grade films crafted from premium materials, offering flexible solutions based on individual needs.

Blown film machine producing flexible packaging solutions, featuring vibrant blue and orange mechanical components in a high-tech industrial setting.

Why Superior Blown Film Quality is Vital for Your Business

Your business relies on the quality and dependability of your raw materials. Using subpar films may lead to diminished product quality, increased waste, and a loss of your hard-earned reputation.

Partnering with Dallas Plastics offers three essential benefits:

Premium Quality Films

Experience top-tier blown films, ensuring optimal durability, reliability, and performance for all your needs.

Expertly Tailored Solutions for Your Industry

Benefit from our custom-made blown film solutions, designed to meet the unique demands and standards of your specific industry.

Increase Efficiency

Boost your operations with our precise manufacturing process at Dallas Plastics, ensuring swift provision of top-grade blown films for maximized efficiency.

Our Expertise

35 Years of Leadership in the Flexible Packaging Industry

Dallas Plastics uses its 35-year expertise to deliver excellent flexible packaging solutions. Our profound industry insights and dedication to innovation establish us as industry leaders.

Enhancing Efficiency & Quality in Your Packaging

Our Capabilities

Bag Converting

Blown Film Operations

Custom Color and Clarity Options

Custom Liner Colors

Customized Packaging

Film and Multi-Layer Coextrusion

Flexographic and Custom Printing

Food Packaging

In-Line Post Embossing


Lamination and Printing Treatments

Special Property Additives

Industries We Serve

We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality blown films across a multitude of industries:

Designed to Optimize Your Operations

Our Products

Custom Wind Configurations

Medical Waste Bags

Polyethylene Bags & Film on Cores or Coreless Rolls

Polyethylene Sheeting

Shrink Films

Sleeves and Tubing

Ten-Color Printing Bags

Trash Liners

Our Process

Consult with Our Specialists for Your Specific Needs

Engage with our expert team to articulate and discuss your unique requirements for blown film solutions.

Collaborate with Our Expert Team

Work together with our experienced professionals to customize the perfect flexible packaging solution for your needs.

Implement High-quality Film Solutions

Seamlessly integrate our premium blown films into your business operations for improved product performance.

Get Started With Us Today

Ready to elevate your business with superior film solutions? Reach out to us today and let’s discuss how our expertly crafted products can bolster your operations.